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Pin Up Tips With The Sensational Scarlett Luxe

Posted on November 13 2016

 When we caught sight of the sensational Scarlett Luxe lounging poolside in our swimwear, we couldn't wait to pin her down and hear all about her glamorous life as a pinup! How does she always look so flawless? And has she any tips on pinup style for us mere mortals.... 
Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started as a pinup model
 Hello! I'm Scarlett Luxe and I'm the classic pinup. I base my style and modelling on the original Pinups from the 1950's such as Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable. I follow Coco Chanel's quote that "A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous." I started modelling when I was asked to model on a photo shoot for faux vintage fashion boutique Deadly is the Female and I was bit hooked! In 2013 I entered and won the first ever Miss Pinup UK and since then my career in my modelling has just been incredible. I've been able to work with some of the best vintage photographers and international clothing brands such as The Pretty Dress Company, Voodoo Vixen, Miss Candyfloss and of course For Luna! 
Your hair and makeup always look flawless – does it take you long to achieve such a fabulous look every morning?
Thank you! It's taken a lot of practice to master the classic pinup look and I am most definitley still learning. Once you learn lots of hints and tips and find the best products to use for makeup or on hair then it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier! I especially enjoy styling my hair, I have long hair so there are so many style possibilities from rolls to poodles to waves to adding headscarves and flowers. It's lots of fun creating a new look each day! I will confess that my pinup sin is that I can't do winger eyeliner! I am so ashamed but I am struggling to master it. One day! I am very lucky that I get to work with amazing hair and makeup artists on photo shoots so I get some stunning looks and I can pick up styling tips.
What’s your favourite product from For Luna Swimwear and why?
My favourite product from For Luna Swimwear is the Retro Swimsuit in all the different colour ways! I have this swimsuit in navy and it is so classical, it always reminds me of the swimsuit Betty Grable wore in one of her most famous pictures. When you are wearing a swimsuit you can feel very exposed but the cut of the Retro Swimsuit compliments my body shape and supports me as I swim (or lounge on the beach!). The variety of colour ways means there is something for everyone or you could just collect them all! 
What other brands do you wear and have you a favourite?
I don't think I could ever pick a single favourite brand that I enjoy wearing, there are just too many fabulous brands!  For clothing, The Pretty Dress Company, Pinup Girl Clothing and Stop Staring. I do also love Splendette for vintage inspired jewellery, they have the most beautiful bangles. Also, What Katie Did design and sell the most incredible lingerie, corsets and hosiery. There are just too many wonderful brands to choose from! 
What’s been your most rewarding or exciting experience as a pinup to date?
There has been so many experiences that have been rewarding. I had a very surreal experience, in 2015 I won the Best Pin Up Model award at the National Vintage Awards the same day that a graduated from University! One of the most rewarding has been inspiring fellow Crohn's disease sufferers. I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease 7 years ago and I currently have my medication through I.V. infusions. Each time I am at the hospital I dress up to make me feel good so I may put on a swing dress, my favourite red lipstick or my sassy cigarette pants. I always take a selfie when I am in the hospital and I share it with fellow Crohn's sufferers and I've received messages saying that I have inspired other ladies to do something to help make themselves feel better. I have been sent pictures of themselves in hospital either dressed up or in the pajamas's or painting their nails or enjoying having time to nap. It makes me happy as they are doing something to make them feel good about them! It's such a great feeling to help and inspire fellow crohnies.
Any tips for aspiring pinup girls?
My top 3 tips for aspiring pinup models....
1) Take part in a photo shoot with a vintage photographer to gain experience of what it's like to be on a photo shoot (it's not always as glamourous as you think!) but it is a whole lot of fun! It's also a great starting point to building a portfolio. I'd recommend working with Dollhouse Photography, The Pinup Academy, Claire Seville or My Boudoir.
2)Take part in as many opportunities as possible. Even if it's modelling at your local hairdressers or for a camera club or for a charity event it's experience and you never know who you might meet or where it might take you....  
3) Find your style, what makes you you! My style is a classic pinup so I focus on styles such as Hollywood Glamour and Femme Fatale. There are so many different styles boudoir, cheesecake, fetish etc etc! Experiment and find out what style you enjoy.
Scarlett x


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