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Taking Care Of Your Fabulous Swimwear !

Posted on October 17 2018

Congratulations on finding your perfect swimsuit! We know its been a long road, blighted by thongs, high cut legs, and dental floss bikinis that flatter few over the age of 18 and above a size 8. But now you'e discovered the magic of For Luna Swimwear, you can rest easy knowing you'll always look fabulous poolside. 

Our swimwear isn't cheap and we make bones about that. With an excellent cut, flattering tummy control panels and full lining, our 1950s style swimwear is designed to sculpt the body and enhance all your best bits. Like the original 1950 swimsuits, they are made to last and should do so for many years, when cared for properly. But just how do you care for your swimwear?

In an ideal world, taking care of swimwear would be any easy task. However, in today's world of heavily chlorinated pools, chemical filled jacuzzis and, strong creams, it's easier said than done. All these chemicals can break down the fabric of swimwear. Seams can separate, darker swimsuit can become faded and/or patchy, a swimsuit with a pattern may run, and a white swimsuit will probably take on a yellow or green hue. Luckily, we've got some handy hints to make sure your swimsuit lasts many years and looks as good as ever!


Rinse your swimsuit as soon as possible after wearing. Chlorine from pools or the salt from sea water can have a harsh affect on swimsuit fabric so try and rinse in cool, clear, natural water as soon as possible. Even if you don't take a dip and are just sunbathing, we still recommend rinsing after wear as suncream and fake tans contain chemicals that can break down fabric and cause colours to run.

Using Soap

Most standard detergents are too harsh for swimwear fabric. We recommend you use a mild soap specially formulated for delicates. Always hand wash and never use a machine to wash swimwear! The problem with machines is that they can interfere with the delicate parts like cups, padding, boning etc!


Resist the urge to wring out your swimsuit. This can damage the fibres and leave your once fabulous 1950s style swimsuit looking saggy and out of shape. Instead, lay the suit out on a towel, roll the towel up and squeeze gently. You can then lay your swimsuit out to dry. Avoid drying it in the sun if you want to retain the colour.

Storing your Swimsuit

Always make sure your swimsuit is completely dry before storing away. Storing a damp swimsuit will cause bacteria to develop and breakdown the fabric. It will then ball and wither. When your suit is completely dry you can fold it and store it in your For Luna dust bag that comes with each swimsuit. This will help to avoid snagging.


We don't recommend you wear our fabulous retro swimsuits in the jacuzzi. While it's tempting to sip champagne and channel your inner 1950s movie Goddess in your glamorous swimsuit, jacuzzis can be extremely hot and full of chemicals.

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