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Top Five Movies For Fabulous Vintage Swimwear

Posted on March 04 2018


Winter's coming. It's getting cold and we’re mostly spending our weekends curled up on the sofa with a steamy mug of hot chocolate, dreaming of summer. Here at For Luna Swimwear, we’ve spent endless hours watching movies from the golden age of Hollywood, seeking inspiration from the leading ladies and their beautiful clothes, hairstyles and impeccable makeup. All in the name of research, of course! Our favourites are naturally those where the glamorous heroine sports a swimsuit, providing inspiration for our new collections! We’ve put together a list of our five favourite movies for fabulous fashionable swimwear!

 High Society

 Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly. What more could you possibly want from a movie? Grace Kelly puts in a terrific performance as socialite Tracy Lord who is torn between three men, her ex-husband, jazz musician, Dexter Haven (played by Crosby), her boring but respectable fiancé, George Kittredge, and newspaper reporter Mike Connor (played by Sinatra). Kelly simply shines in her simple white swim-dress, looking every inch the princess that she was to become. And not only does this movie provide serious swimspiration and a host of gorgeous men, its soundtrack is provided by non-other than Louis Armstrong and his band. It’s our absolute favourite movie!

 Bathing Beauty

 Queen of the Aqua Musical, Esther Williams (yes the same lady who gave her name to our swimsuits), starred in many a movie over her lifetime but it was her 1946 smash hit Bathing Beauty that makes it into our top five swimspiration movies! Williams plays Caroline Brooks, a college swimming instructor who has promised to give up her job once she marries songwriter Steve Elliott. As to be expected, she wears a stunning parade of amazing 1940s swimsuits, our favourite being the blue one piece she donned for the movie’s promotional pictures. Vintage swimsuits don’t come better than this!

 Hail, Caesar!

 The only modern movie on our list, you may have caught this on its release in 2016. Okay, the story was a bit silly and despite its all-star cast (George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Jonah Hill, Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes all feature) ,it’s far from the Coen brothers best movie but it deserves mention alone for that breath-taking green one piece mermaid suit worn by Scarlett Johansson. The actress truly steals the show in her mermaid aqua dance sequence. The jewel coloured one piece will leave you hankering after your own mermaid suit (you can improvise with our ‘jewel’ emerald green vintage style swimsuit – a little more practical but still looks equally as fabulous!)

 The Girl Can’t Help It

If you’re having a bad day, we guarantee this movie will cheer you up and leave you grinning from ear to ear. Jayne Mansfield stars as mob doll Jerri Jordan, a 1950s blonde bombshell who just wants to be a housewife and look after her man, Unfortunately her man is mobster Fats Murdock and he has other ideas for Jerri, namely, he wants her to be a singing star despite her lack of musical talents. Que a series of comical misunderstandings and madcap antics. The soundtrack is a who’s who of 50s rock n roll with Little Richard, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochrane and Fats Domino all featuring. Although the swimsuit moment is brief, it’s not one to be forgotten. Jayne Mansfield’s yellow one piece with white trim and matching skirt is the crème de la crème of 1950s swimwear. Keep an out for our 2017 collection launching this Spring – we’ve been inspired to include a suitably fabulous yellow number!

 One Million Years BC.

 The list just wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Raquel Welsh in One Million years BC. Showing off those enviable curves in an animal skin two-piece, Welsh’s turn in the movie has earned her numerous accolades for ‘best bikini body of all time’. The bikini was described as the definitive look of the 1960s and inspired a trend of animal print swimwear across the globe. You can channel your inner cavewoman in our own leopard print two piece.

 So put on the kettle, make yourself comfy and enjoy a weekend of indulging in fabulous retro swimwear!


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