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Treated with respect, our swimwear is designed to last for many years. The advice is the same as for any swimwear. Hand wash in cool water and allow to dry naturally. Avoid harsh chemicals, jacuzzis, saunas, washing machines and tumble driers. All of these break down the fibres in swimwear fabric. Swimming pools can contain high levels of chlorine that are damaging to swimwear fabric, always rinse in clean water after swimming in a pool. A pool may become over-chlorinated and this will cause damage to any swimwear. A darker swimsuit will become faded and/or patchy, a swimsuit with a pattern may run, a white swimsuit will probably take on a yellow or green hue. Unfortunately, in all of these cases the damage is usually irreparable. This applies to all swimwear, not just ours. Allow the fabric to dry totally before storing away, otherwise (if left for more than a few days) the fabric will start to break down. This applies not only to pool swimming, but dips in the sea as well. The salt can also have a harsh effect on the fabric.

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