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Esther Williams Vintage Green One Piece Swimsuit - UK Supplier for Esther Williams

Most of our popular vintage style swimsuits are Esther Williams, Girl Howdy, and Unique Vintage. They all come with different size labels, so we've created this page to help you pick the best size for you. For Luna is a UK stockist for Esther Williams swimwear.

Size Conversion Chart For Luna.jpeg

How do I know what BRAND of swimsuit I will be ordering?

Each item will have its own description on the shop page and will include a photo of the relevant size chart for each brand. If you need more advise you can read the information below or you can get in touch us via our contact page.

What size do I order for Esther Williams swimsuits and bikinis?

Esther Williams swimwear is designed and manufactured in LA, California, therefor the inside labels for Esther Williams and Girl Howdy swimsuits will include the US size, not the UK or EU size. Our labels (For Luna) will include the UK clothing size as well. Please, use our swimwear size conversion chart to work out which size to order. If you already own an Esther Williams swimsuit and you want to order another one the same size, please use the US sizes as a reference.

How do I measure for the Esther Williams swimwear?

Use our size chart below to measure for your Esther Williams swimsuit or bikini. We suggest that you start with your hip measurements first. The halter neck tie up tops are adjustable and the tummy control will fit the waist. Esther Williams swimsuits are known to run up slightly small when compared to standard dress sizes, so we recommend you go up a size. Some of the fabrics has limited stretch compared to others; for example, the polka dot material, so we advise you go up a size on these. 

We recommend going up a size if your cup size is DD+

Esther Williams US / UK / EU Size Measurement Chart

Our swimwear clothing chart below will help you choose the best size for your Esther Williams and Girl Howdy swimsuits. 

We recommend going up a size if your cup size is DD+

Esther Williams Sizing Chart (1).jpeg

What size do I order for Unique Vintage swimsuits and bikinis?

For Luna stocks Unique Vintage swimwear in the UK. Unique Vintage is labeled in UK sizes S, M, L, XL, etc. However, for simplicity, we've converted all our swimsuit sizes to UK and US on the shop page.


Use our Unique Vintage swimwear size conversion chart below.

Girl Howdy Blue White Polka Dot Sandy Swimsuit by For Luna
Unique Vintage Sizing Chart (1).jpeg
Unique Vintage Leopard Print Derek Shirred Halterneck Swimsuit by For Luna
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